Transcolorado Gas Transmission Company LLC

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/28/2007, Docket: RP08-167-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 255 Original Sheet No. 255 : Effective






(d) Operating conditions may, from time to time, cause a

temporary and unintentional imbalance between the quantities of natural gas

that TransColorado receives and the quantities of natural gas that Shipper

takes under the executed Transportation Service Agreement. Shipper shall

schedule gas attributable to imbalances when TransColorado, in its reasonable

discretion and in a nondiscriminatory manner, determines that it can

practicably receive or deliver such imbalance.


(e) So as to avoid measurement problems relative to small

volumes and disproportionate administrative burdens, TransColorado shall not

be obligated to accept for the account of Shipper from any receipt point a

quantity of gas that is less than fifteen (15) dth per day.


(f) In the event of any occurrence (e.g., computer failure),

which prevents TransColorado from utilizing the process set forth above for

the duration of such occurrence, TransColorado shall schedule the lesser of

the last new request received and confirmed or the previously scheduled

quantities. Notice of the commencement and termination of any such occurrence

shall be posted on DART.


(g) Shipper shall use reasonable efforts to deliver and receive

gas at reasonable hourly and daily rates of flow.


(h) The rights of a releasing shipper to recall capacity within

any nomination cycle shall be governed by Section 6.14 of these General Terms

and Conditions.


(i) A Shipper that has been awarded firm capacity in a capacity

release may submit a nomination using such capacity at the next available

opportunity for nominations under this Section 8.2, which occurs on or after

the time capacity is awarded, including an intraday nomination in either the

Intra-day 1 or the Intra-day 2 Nomination Cycle, and which is consistent with

Section 6.9 of these General Terms and Conditions


8.3 Interruption and Curtailment of Service. If, on flow day, an

interruption of service occurs which requires a reallocation of previously

scheduled capacity, interruption or curtailment of service shall be instituted

in the following sequence:

(a) all authorized overrun transportation service.


(b) all park and loan service.


(c) all interruptible transportation service.


(d) all firm transportation service at primary and alternate