Transcolorado Gas Transmission Company LLC

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/28/2007, Docket: RP08-167-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 238 Original Sheet No. 238 : Effective







EXAMPLE (7) Assume:

Capacity Release Request = 100,000/day for 5 years Qualified Bids (which were

all received through the Interactive Web Site):


Maximum Bid Unit Bid Minimum

Volume Term Value Bid Volume

----------- ------- -------- ----------

Bid (a) 50,000/day 5 years $.18 50,000

Bid (b) 50,000/day 5 years $.18 50,000

Bid (c) 50,000/day 5 years $.18 50,000



Winning Qualified Bids: The two Qualified Bids shown as received earliest by

TransColorado's Interactive Web Site shall each receive their Maximum Bid



Explanation: Clearly, any two Bids in combination have the same Winning Bid

Value. Since the Bids are completely inflexible and have equivalent Maximum

Bid Volumes and equivalent Minimum Bid Volumes, only Section 6.10(d)(iii)(3)

can be used to break the tie. The tie breaker looks to the Qualified Bid(s)

shown as received earliest on TransColorado's Interactive Web Site.



(e) In no event shall this Section 6.10 result in winning

Qualified Bids with a total volume in excess of the capacity specified in the

Capacity Release Request.


(f) The bid evaluation procedure set forth in this Section 6.10

shall only consider Qualified Bids to the extent they provide for an

objectively quantifiable payment by the Qualified Bidder. A Qualified Bid

based on a percentage of TransColorado's reservation charge shall be evaluated

by TransColorado based solely on the maximum reservation charge being charged

by TransColorado for such service as of the end of the open season.


(g) If the Releasing Shipper selected a bid evaluation procedure

which is different from the procedure set forth in this Section 6.10, which

procedure must comply with Section 6.5, TransColorado shall determine the

winning Qualified Bid(s) pursuant to the Releasing Shipper's bid evaluation

procedure in its Capacity Release Request and computer diskette (if any)

submitted by the Releasing Shipper pursuant to Section 6.5(a).