Transcolorado Gas Transmission Company LLC

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/28/2007, Docket: RP08-167-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 229 Original Sheet No. 229 : Effective






(d) All Qualified Bids shall provide for payment of maximum

usage charges under TransColorado's Tariff for the capacity bid, as well as

all other applicable add-on charges and surcharges under TransColorado's

Tariff, such as, but not limited to, ACA and Fuel Reimbursement.


(e) A Qualified Bid received by TransColorado during an open

season shall be posted by TransColorado on its Interactive Website, without

the name of the Qualified Bidder. A Qualified Bid may be withdrawn by the

Qualified Bidder prior to the close of the open season, but may not be

withdrawn thereafter. Following such withdrawal, the Qualified Bidder cannot

bid for the same capacity during the open season at a lower rate.


(f) All Qualified Bids must be consistent with all provisions of

TransColorado's Tariff. Any Qualified Bid inconsistent with TransColorado's

Tariff or the applicable Capacity Release Request shall be null and void.


6.9 Awarding of Released Capacity.


(a) For a Prearranged Release for which no open season is

required under Section 6.6 and which is received at least one (1) hour prior

to a nomination deadline on a Day, TransColorado shall tender the contract to

the Prearranged Shipper within one (1) hour after release notification,

provided that all applicable provisions of this Section 6 have been complied



(b) As to any other Prearranged Release, in the event there was

no winning Qualified Bid(s) with a higher total Bid Value than the Prearranged

Shipper's Bid Value, TransColorado shall notify the Prearranged Shipper. If,

during an open season, the winning Qualified Bid(s) have a higher total Bid

Value than the Bid Value of the Prearranged Release under the bid evaluation

procedure selected by the Releasing Shipper, TransColorado shall notify the

Prearranged Shipper of the terms and conditions of the winning Qualified

Bid(s), except for any identification of the Qualified Bidder(s). The

Prearranged Shipper may elect to match any or all of such winning Qualified

Bid(s), but may not elect to match only a portion of a winning Qualified Bid.

Such election shall consist of the Prearranged Shipper submitting notice to

TransColorado of its unconditional agreement to the terms and conditions of

one or more of such winning Qualified Bid(s) in