Arlington Storage Company, LLC

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/08/2009, Docket: RP10-67-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 162 Original Sheet No. 162





32.5 Requested Interruptible Hub Services:


(a) Requested Quantities (as applicable)


Maximum Parking Quantity ______

Maximum Loan Quantity ______

Maximum Daily Injection Quantity (MDIQ) ______

Maximum Daily Withdrawal Quantity (MDWQ) ______

Maximum Daily Wheeling Quantity (MDTQ) ______

Point of Receipt __________________

Point of Delivery __________________


(b) Rate Customer proposes to pay for Interruptible services under

Rate Schedules IP, IW or IL:


Interruptible Parking Charge (IP only) ______

Interruptible Wheeling Charge (IW only) ______

Interruptible Loan Charge (IL only) ______

Interruptible Injection Charge (IP and IL) ______

Interruptible Withdrawal Charge (IP and IL) ______

Excess Wheeling Charge (IW only) ______

Excess Injection Charge (IP and IL) ______

Excess Withdrawal Charge (IP and IL) ______

Fuel Reimbursement ______%


(c) Term of Service:

Commencement Date:___________

Termination Date: ___________


For Interruptible wheeling service: Only one Point of Receipt and one Point of

Delivery per request. Use a separate request for additional transportation

ervice needs.


32.6 Is Customer affiliated with ASC?


Yes___________ No___________


If yes, type of affiliation and the percentage of ownership between ASC

and Customer: _________________________


32.7 Customer is a(n): (Check one)


___________Local Distribution Company

___________Intrastate Pipeline Company

___________Interstate Pipeline Company

___________Marketer/Broker Producer

___________End User Other (please describe ___________)