Arlington Storage Company, LLC

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/08/2009, Docket: RP10-67-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 136 Original Sheet No. 136





The sending party shall adhere to nomination, confirmation, and scheduling deadlines. It is

the party receiving the request that has the right to waive the deadline.


(b) Intraday Nominations. Any nomination received during a Day for the same Day

of Gas flow, or any nomination received after the nominations deadline set

forth in Section 8.2(a) above for the following Day flow shall be an intraday

nomination. Intraday nominations can be used to request increases or decreases

in total flow, changes to Point(s) of Receipt, or changes to Point(s) of

Delivery of scheduled Gas. Intraday nominations do not roll over (i.e. intraday

nominations span one Day only). Intraday nominations do not replace the remainder

of a standing nomination. There is no need to re-nominate if an intraday

nomination modifies an existing nomination. Intraday nominations may be used

to nominate new injections or withdrawals. All nominations, including intraday

nominations, shall be based on a daily quantity; thus, an intraday nominator need

not submit an hourly nomination. Intraday nominations shall include an effective

date and time. The interconnected parties shall agree on the hourly flows of the

intraday nomination, if not otherwise addressed in Transporter's contract or tariff.


In the event Customer does not submit a timely nomination or desires to alter an existing nomination,

Customer shall have the right to submit an intraday nomination to revise Customer's scheduled

quantities, Point(s) of Receipt and/or Point(s) of Delivery on a prospective basis prior to the end

of the Day; provided, however, that such intraday nomination will be processed after all timely

nominations have been scheduled. Such intraday nomination shall be implemented by ASC to the extent

and only to the extent that ASC is able to confirm the receipt and delivery of such Gas at the

Point(s) of Receipt and Point(s) of Delivery.


(c) Elapsed-Prorated-Scheduled Quantity. With respect to intraday nominations for

reductions in previously scheduled quantities, ASC may accept any explicitly

confirmed quantity, down to and including zero, for such intraday nomination;

provided, however, if such intraday nomination requires confirmation from an

upstream and/or downstream interconnected pipeline, then any intraday nominati

the reduced quantity confirmed by such upstream and/or downstream interconnected



(d) Nominations will be processed for scheduling in the order in which they were received,

by priority level as described in Section 5 of the General Terms and Conditions of

this FERC Gas Tariff. Nominations received after nomination deadline shall be scheduled

after the nominations received before the nomination deadline.