Arlington Storage Company, LLC

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/08/2009, Docket: RP10-67-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 132 Original Sheet No. 132





(f) Action Alerts: In the event that ASC determines that due to (1) an ongoing or anticipated

weather event, (2) a known equipment problem, or (3) the anticipated continuation of a

current system operational problem, action is necessary to avoid a situation in which the

system integrity is jeopardized or ASC's ability to render firm service is threatened, ASC

may issue an Action Alert as set out herein to forestall the development of the situation.


(1) Issuance of Alerts: Action Alerts will be noticed in accord with the procedures set forth in

Section 5.5(e) and ASC will endeavor to provide a minimum of four hours notice.


(2) Action Alerts can be issued to effect any of the following:


(A) restriction of Interruptible services;


(B) restrictions of deliveries or receipts at specific Point(s) of Receipt or Point(s) of Delivery

covered by an operational balancing agreement to the aggregate MDRQ or MDDQ under the Storage

Service Agreements for Firm Storage Services whose Primary Point(s) of Delivery/Receipt, which

are specified in the Storage Service Agreement, are at the affected locations; and/or


(C) forced balancing such that point operators will be required to assure that nominations equal

flows or that receipts and deliveries fall within the tolerance level designated in the Action



(g) OFOs: In the event that, in ASC's judgment, immediate action is required to alleviate

conditions which threaten to impair reliable firm service, to maintain operations at

the pressures required to provide efficient and reliable service, to have adequate Gas

supplies in the system to deliver on demand, to maintain services to all firm Customers

and for all firm services, and/or to maintain the system in balance for the foregoing

purposes, ASC may forgo the action described in Section 5.5(f) and immediately issue an

OFO. In the event that (l) Customer or point operator does not respond to an Action

Alert, (2) the actions taken thereunder are insufficient to correct the system problem

for which the Action Alert was issued, or (3) there is insufficient time to carry out

the procedures with respect to Action Alerts, ASC may issue an OFO pursuant to this

Section 5.5(g) or take unilateral action, including the curtailment of firm service,

to maintain the operational integrity of ASC's system. For purposes of this Section,

the operational integrity of ASC's system shall encompass the integrity of the physical

system and the preservation of physical assets and their performance, the overall

operating performance of the entire physical system as an entity, and the maintenance

(on a reliable and operationally sound basis) of total system deliverability and the

quality of Gas delivered.