Arlington Storage Company, LLC

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Effective Date: 08/24/2009, Docket: RP09-872-000, Status: Effective

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5.3 Interruption.


(a) If on any Day ASC's capability to receive or deliver quantities is impaired so that ASC is

unable to receive or deliver all the quantities which are scheduled, then interruption of

service shall be implemented in the reverse order of priority set forth in Section 5.1.

If Firm Storage Service must be interrupted, interruption of service to firm storage

Customers shall be pro rata based on MDWQ, MDIQ, MSQ, Maximum Park Quantity or Maximum

Loan Quantity, as applicable. Interruption of service to Interruptible Customers under

Rate Schedules IP, IW, IL, ISS, and IHBS and to firm Customers utilizing Excess Injection

Gas and/or Excess Withdrawal Gas (pursuant to Section 2 of Rate Schedules FSS, FP and FL)

shall be based on the charges paid by Customer, with the transaction with the lowest net

revenue to ASC being interrupted first. Any ties shall be interrupted on a pro rata basis.


(b) ASC shall provide Customer as much advance notice of any interruption as is practicable

under the circumstances. Such notice shall be made by telephone, fax, e-mail or via the

Internet Web Site, park, wheel, loan, store, inject, withdraw, receive or deliver, as

applicable, and the estimated duration of the interruption.


(c) If interruption is required, ASC and Customer shall cooperate to the extent possible in

making adjustments to receipts, deliveries, injections or withdrawals to minimize injury

to any property or facilities.


5.4 Interruption Liability. ASC shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any person or

property caused, in whole or in part, by any interruption of service, except to the extent

caused solely by ASC's negligence or willful misconduct.


5.5 Action Alerts and Operational Flow Orders.


(a) Circumstances Warranting Issuance: As specified in this Section 5.5, ASC shall have the

right to issue Action Alerts or Operational Flow Orders ("OFOs") that require actions by

Customers in order (1) to alleviate conditions that threaten to impair reliable service,

(2) to maintain operations at the pressures required to provide efficient and reliable

services, (3) to have adequate Gas supplies in the system to deliver on demand, (4) to

maintain service to all firm shippers and for all firm services, and (5) to maintain

the system in balance for the foregoing purposes.


(b) Actions to be Taken to Avoid Issuance: ASC shall, to the extent practicable, take all

reasonable actions necessary to avoid issuing an Action Alert or OFO. Such actions shall

include, in order of priority (1) working with point operators to temporarily adjust

receipts and/or deliveries at relevant Point(s) of Receipt or Point(s) of Delivery,

(2) working with Customers and point operators to adjust scheduled flows on the system,

or (3) taking any other reasonable action designed to mitigate the system problem.

After taking all such reasonable actions to avoid issuing an Action Alert or OFO, ASC

will have the right to issue Action Alerts or OFOs, if necessary, in the circumstances

described in Section 5.5(a).