Hardy Storage Company, LLC

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Effective Date: 04/01/2007, Docket: CP05-150-003, Status: Effective

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17.2 System Specific Operational Standards for Issuance of OFOs.


(a) Proper utilization of Seller's storage facilities is crucial to

Seller's ability to provide firm services to Customers. Therefore, in the

event Seller determines that action is necessary to prevent damage to the

integrity of its storage field(s) or to ensure the operating performance of

Seller's system, including its storage field(s), Seller may issue an OFO

Order as follows to preserve its ability to provide firm service to




(1) Seller may issue an OFO limiting or prohibiting transfers

of injection rights, withdrawal rights, or storage inventory by



(2) Seller may issue an OFO directing a Customer to adjust HSCQ

balances or operate within the limitations on storage injections or

withdrawals as set forth in the Customer's Service Agreement or the

applicable Rate Schedule.