Hardy Storage Company, LLC

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Effective Date: 04/01/2007, Docket: CP05-150-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 92 Original Sheet No. 92 : Effective






9.1 In General. The general operating conditions set forth in

this Section supplement the terms and conditions set forth in the

individual Rate Schedules and elsewhere in the General Terms and



9.2 Uniform Rates and Quantities. Customer shall tender gas or

arrange to have gas tendered on its behalf in quantities that conform to

its Scheduled Daily Receipt Quantity and that flow at uniform hourly rates

throughout the Day unless deviations from those receipt quantities are

necessary for balancing purposes and are undertaken by Customer at Seller's

request or following notice to, and approval by, Seller in accordance with

the applicable provisions of the General Terms and Conditions.


9.3 Third Party Arrangements. Customer shall be responsible

for making all necessary arrangements with third parties (i) at or upstream

of the point(s) of receipt at which Customer tenders gas to Seller for

storage services, and (ii) at or downstream of points of delivery at which

Seller delivers gas for the account of Customer. Customer shall be

responsible for (i) insuring that any such arrangements are consistent with

the terms and conditions of the applicable Rate Schedule under which it

seeks to have Seller store the gas or utilize Seller's storage facilities,

and (ii) requiring such third parties to confirm all of Customer's

nominations with Seller in a form and manner approved by Seller. Such

third-party arrangements shall be coordinated with Seller.