Hardy Storage Company, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2009, Docket: RP09-812-001, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 17 First Revised Sheet No. 17

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 17





(c) Quantities to be stored hereunder may be delivered to Seller

throughout the year. Customer's HMDIQ shall be half (1/2) of Customer's

Maximum Daily Storage Quantity (HMDSQ). The Maximum Monthly Injection Quantity

(HMMIQ) shall be calculated as the HMDIQ times the number of days in the

month. A request by Customer for permission to make injections in excess of

its HMMIQ shall be submitted to Seller electronically through Seller's EBB at

least 24 hours in advance. Seller shall grant any such request to the extent

that: (i) additional injection flexibility exists during the time period of

the request in accordance with Section 7 (Capacity Allocation) of the General

Terms and Conditions; and (ii) Seller, in its reasonable discretion, can

operationally accommodate the request(s).




(a) Customers shall nominate in accordance with Section 6 of the

General Terms and Conditions. Seller shall not be obligated on any Day to

withdraw and deliver gas to Customer in excess of Customer's Maximum Daily

Withdrawal Quantity (HMDWQ), as described in this Section. The availability

of non-firm capacity for withdrawal will be posted on Seller's EBB. Non-firm

capacity will be allocated in accordance with Section 7 of the General Terms

and Conditions.


(b) Seller shall deliver Customer's HSCQ throughout the year, subject

to the limitations set forth herein. Customer's HMDWQ shall be based upon

and limited by Customer's HSCQ inventory remaining in storage each Day as

determined in accordance with Seller's best estimates as follows:


% of HSCQ in Inventory HMDWQ as a % of HMDSQ


100% to 40% 100%

less than 40% to 30% 80%

less than 30% to 20% 65%

less than 20% to 10% 50%

less than 10% to 0% 35%


(c) Seller will waive the limitations set forth in Section 4(b) above,

on a non-discriminatory case-by-case basis to the extent operationally