National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation

Third Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/01/1997, Docket: RP97-201-000, Status: Effective

Fourth Revised Sheet No. 208 Fourth Revised Sheet No. 208 : Superseded

Superseding: Third Revised Sheet No. 208





16. CURTAILMENT (Cont'd)


16.1 Curtailment of Transportation Capacity (Cont'd)


(vi) sixth, to quantities scheduled pursuant to Subsection 3.2 of

the IR-1 or IR-2 Rate Schedule;


(vii) seventh, to interruptible and overrun services subject to

service agreements specifying a discounted rate, beginning

with the service(s) subject to the largest discount(s), and

proceeding in reverse order according to the amount of the

discount(s), capacity to be allocated pro-rata among equally

discounted services;


(viii) eighth, to remaining quantities scheduled pursuant to the IT

Rate Schedule and overrun services;


(ix) ninth, to quantities scheduled at receipt or delivery points

described at Section 2.4 of the FT Rate Schedule, Section 2.4

of the EFT Rate Schedule, or Section 2.5 of the FST Rate



(x) tenth, to mandatory return quantities as described in Section

2.5 of the IAS, IR-1, or IR-2 Rate Schedule; and


(xi) last, to quantities scheduled within contract quantities for

each shipper pursuant to the SS-1, SS-2, FT, FST or EFT Rate

Schedules, or other firm transportation rate schedules.


Unless otherwise provided above, available capacity will be allo-

cated to scheduled receipt and deliveries within a category for

purpose of this Subsection in proportion to the quantities

scheduled by Transporter.


16.2 Curtailment of Storage Injection and Withdrawal Capacity


If, on any day, Transporter determines that the storage injection

or withdrawal capacity of its system, or any portion thereof, is