National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/2002, Docket: RP02-448-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 866 First Revised Sheet No. 866 : Effective

Superseding: Sub. Original Sheet No. 866








(F) Operator shall, at its own cost and expense, (i) obtain, provide

Transporter with, and maintain any easement(s) or other land interest(s)

which, in Transporter's judgment as to type and extent, are reasonably

necessary for the installation, operation and maintenance of receipt and

related facilities; and (ii) provide Transporter with a copy of the recorded

instruments evidencing such land interests and Transporter's beneficial

interest therein.


(G) Measurement and other equipment shall be installed, at Operator's

expense, at each Exhibit A Receipt Point facility, which, in Transporter's

reasonable judgment, may be necessary to accommodate the deliveries of gas

received and projected to be received by it at the Receipt Points (the

"Receipt Facilities"). The normal operation, calibration, maintenance,

adjustment and repair of the measurement equipment shall be performed by the

owner of the equipment, provided, however that Operator shall maintain and

calibrate any of the Exhibit A Receipt Points which deliver less than three

hundred (300) Dth per month. Modifications to Receipt Facilities resulting

from changes in Operator's operations shall be performed at Operator's cost

and expense.


(H) Operator shall, at its own cost and expense, provide, operate and

maintain in safe and efficient operating condition such regulators, relief

valves, and other equipment as may be necessary in Transporter's reasonable

judgment to avoid excessive pressures (and the risk of such pressures) in

facilities owned and operated by Transporter or its customers.







(A) Operator (or its designee) shall respond to requests for

confirmations of shipper nominations within the time limits set forth in the

NAESB Standards. Operator acknowledges that Transporter is under no

obligation to schedule unconfirmed nominations.