National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/1997, Docket: RP97-398-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 421 Original Sheet No. 421 : Effective







Seller's allocated share of Columbia's fixed take-or-pay

charges, shall be the product of the monthly principal

take-or-pay amount billed by Columbia to Seller and each

Shipper's allocation factor (shown at Subsection 20.2

hereof) to which amount is added each Shipper's Surcharge

Adjustment, if any.


(b) Charges to Seller. Seller's allocated share of Columbia's

total direct and indirect fixed take-or-pay costs is:



Columbia's Principal No. of

Supplier Docket No. Amount ($) Months


Texas Eastern, RP88-80,RP91-73 RP91-41-003 1/

Texas Eastern, RP91-73 RP91-41-003 1/

Texas Gas, RP88-177 RP88-187 203,292.00 36

Transco, RP88-68,RP90-98

RP91-130 TM93-5-21 17,160.00 30

Tennessee, RP88-191 Phase 1 TM90-12-21 324,330.00* 6

Tennessee, RP88-191 Phase 2 TM90-12-21 72,894.00* 6

Tennessee, RP88-191 Phase 3 TM90-12-21 186,936.00* 6

Tennessee, RP88-191 Phase 4 TM90-12-21 834.00* 6

Tennessee, RP88-191 Phase 5 TM90-12-21 8,574.00* 6

Pan. Eastern, RP88-240,TM90-6-28 TM90-5-21 370,620.00 60

Pan. Eastern, RP88-241,RP91-53 RP91-90-000 10,260.00 36

Tennessee, RP85-178 RP88-187 120,840.00* 12

Texas Eastern, RP91-74 RP91-41-003 1/

Texas Eastern, RP88-251 TM89-3-21 510.00 6

Pan. Eastern, RP89-9,RP91-53 RP91-90-000 19,548.00 36

Pan. Eastern, RP89-10,TM90-8-28 TM89-7-21 277,500.00 60





* Reflects six months of a longer amortization period. At the present

time, NFGS is not being billed under these Dockets.

1/ Refund due NFGS by Columbia under these Dockets. See Section 20.6(c)

for refund amount.