National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/1997, Docket: RP97-398-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 419 Original Sheet No. 419 : Effective







such abandonment, regardless of the effective date of the

Commission's order authorizing the abandonment of service.

Seller shall submit invoices to such Shipper(s) for the full

amount due and owing within the later of thirty (30) days

following issuance of a final Commission order authorizing

Seller's inclusion of this Surcharge in Seller's FERC Gas

Tariff or thirty (30) days following the issuance of a final

Commission order authorizing such abandonment. Shipper shall

pay Seller the full amount due within thirty (30) days after

receipt of such invoice.


20.4 Lump Sum Payment by Shipper


Shipper shall have the option to pay in one lump sum the total

amount of Shipper's share of the take-or-pay charges billed to

Seller by Seller's upstream pipelines, as determined in this

Section 20. Shipper is permitted to exercise its lump sum

payment option at any time, subject to the procedures under

this Subsection 20.4. Any Shipper electing the lump sum

payment option must provide Seller with 30 days advance notice

thereof. Seller's next monthly invoice to Shipper occurring at

least 30 days after the date notice is received by Seller will

reflect a lump sum payment amount for all take-or-pay principal

amounts billed to Seller, up to the date notice is received.

The invoiced amount shall be due and payable in accordance with

Section 5.2 of Seller's General Terms and Conditions to its

FERC Gas Tariff. A lump sum payment by a Shipper will not

extinguish that Shipper's obligation to pay Shipper's allocated

share of any future fixed take-or-pay costs billed to Seller by

its upstream pipelines after the date Shipper's notice was

received by Seller.


20.5 Texas Eastern


This Subsection 20.5 describes Seller's allocated share of the

fixed take-or-pay charges attributable to amounts approved by

the Commission to be billed to Seller by Texas Eastern

Transmission Corporation ("Texas Eastern").


(a) Calculation of Shippers Monthly Surcharge Amount. The

monthly fixed take-or-pay surcharge amount, which Seller

will bill each Shipper under Seller's applicable firm

sales and firm transportation rate schedules in order to

recover Seller's allocated share of Texas Eastern's