National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/2002, Docket: RP02-448-003, Status: Effective

Second Sub. Original Sheet No. 377A Second Sub. Original Sheet No. 377A : Effective








(f) Title Transfer Nominations.


(i) Subject to the provisions of this Section 13.1,

including but not limited to the provisions of this

Subsection 13.1(f), and the NAESB Nominations Related

Standards, Transporter shall accept and process

nominations from Title Tracking Parties for title

transfer tracking ("TTT Noms") related to

transportation nominations with Transporter at

physical points of receipt into Transporter's system

and pooling points established under Subsections

13.1(d) or 13.1(e). To become a Title Transfer

Party, a party must request and execute a Title

Transfer Tracking Nominations Processing Agreement in

the form set forth on sheets 879 through 881. Any

Title Transfer Tracking Service Provider, as defined

in the NAESB Standards ("TTTSP"), or any party with

an effective transportation or storage service

agreement, Operational Balancing Agreement, or

Interconnection Agreement with Transporter may

request a Title Transfer Tracking Nominations

Processing Agreement for execution. If a Title

Transfer Party wishes to designate an agent (for

example, a TTTSP) for the purpose of processing TTT

Noms on its behalf, it must execute the agent

designation form available on Transporter's web site.

Transporter will, on a non-discriminatory basis,

negotiate and enter into agreements with TTTSP's

which define the terms and conditions applicable to

the processing of TTT Noms submitted by the TTTSP.


(ii) Each TTT Nom must be made using Transporter's

standard nomination form incorporating NAESB approved

data sets, and shall include the following



(1) Identity of the party transferring title ("Title



(2) Identity of the party receiving title ("Title



(3) The date and time of the transfer;