National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation

Fourth Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/1997, Docket: RP97-398-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 209 Original Sheet No. 209 : Effective









For purposes of determining the Quantity of Gas of Buyer in storage as

of April 1 of each year until the April 1 immediately following

expiration of Buyer's Underground Storage Service Agreement,


(a) the Quantity of Gas shall be (i) the Quantity of Gas of Buyer in

storage as of the preceding April 1, plus (ii) the Quantity of

Gas received for injection (net of the Injection Allowance)

during the intervening contract year less (iii) the Quantity of

Gas withdrawn and delivered (including the Withdrawal Allowance)

during the intervening contract year.


In the event that immediately following the last contract year in

which the service agreement is in effect there remains in storage any

Quantity of Gas of Buyer of which Buyer, for reasons other than

Transporter's sole negligence or willful breach of the terms of

service hereunder, has not taken delivery, Buyer shall pay to

Transporter for each month or portion thereof during which any of

Buyer's gas remains in storage an amount equal to the amount payable

in the final month of such last contract year, and Buyer shall have

the right to take delivery of such remaining Quantity at the Maximum

Daily Withdrawal Quantity.




On any day for which Buyer, through the injection notice required by

Subparagraph 2.2, requests Transporter to receive for injection

Quantities of Gas in excess of said Buyer's Maximum Daily Injection

Quantity, together with the applicable Injection Allowance,

Transporter shall determine what, if any, portion of the excess

Quantity of Gas it will receive, subject always to Transporter's firm

obligation to receive gas scheduled for injection by other Buyers

under Transporter's Rate Schedules ESS, FSS, SS-1 and SS-2 up to their

Maximum Daily Injection Quantities. Transporter may, in making such

determination, take into account the fact that one or more other such

Buyers have scheduled Quantities of Gas for injection which are less

than their Maximum Daily Injection Quantities, but Transporter shall

not be obligated to receive such excess Quantities of Gas except to

the extent that Transporter may, in its sole judgment, determine that

it is expedient for it to do so. Having made such determination,