Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, L.L.C.

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/2010, Docket: RP10-728-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 9V Original Sheet No. 9V




Customer Name: Barclays Capital Energy Inc.


Contract Number: 210164


Rate Schedule: MNIT 9/


Reservation Rate: N/A


Usage Rate: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/


Term of Negotiated Rate: 7/ 8/


Quantity: 220,000 Dth/day


Primary Receipt Point: 10/


Primary Delivery Point: 11/




1/ Negotiated Rates: During the term of this negotiated rate, as defined

in Footnote 7 below, and subject to all terms, conditions and

limitations set forth in this Statement of Negotiated Rates

("Statement") including but not limited to Footnote 3 of this

Statement, for service under the Service Agreement, Pipeline shall

charge Customer and Customer shall pay Pipeline the following rates:


(a) a Usage Charge within Tolerances of USD $0.25 per Dth delivered;



(b) Pipeline's Fuel Retainage Percentage (and any charge by Pipeline

that has been approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory

Commission ("FERC") for the recovery of electric power costs

associated with any electric compressor units installed on

Pipeline's system) and any and all surcharges applicable to Rate

Schedule MNIT in effect from time to time pursuant to Pipeline's



2/ Applicability of Negotiated Rates: Notwithstanding anything to the

contrary in this Statement, the Negotiated Rates set forth in Footnote

1 will apply only to deliveries under the Service Agreement up to the

Maximum Daily Transportation Quantity ("MDTQ") as provided under the

Service Agreement from the Pipeline's interconnect with Algonquin Gas

Transmission, LLC's pipeline system at Beverly, Massachusetts

("Algonquin Interconnect") to Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company's system

at Dracut, Massachusetts ("Tennessee Interconnect"). Deliveries under

the Service Agreement to any delivery point(s) other than those listed

in the previous sentence shall be billed, and Customer agrees to pay

for such deliveries, at Pipeline's applicable maximum Recourse Rates in

effect pursuant to Pipeline's Tariff.


3/ Effect of Negotiated Rates: Pursuant to the General Terms & Conditions

("GT&C") of Pipeline's Tariff, the Negotiated Rates set forth herein

shall collectively constitute a "negotiated rate." Customer agrees

that the otherwise generally applicable maximum Recourse Rate(s) in

effect pursuant to Pipeline's Tariff shall not apply to or be available

to Customer for service under the Service Agreement during the term of

this Statement (except to the extent expressly stated in Footnote 2

above or at any and all times when the Negotiated Rates are not

otherwise applicable to service under the Service Agreement pursuant to

the terms of this Statement), notwithstanding any adjustments to such

generally applicable maximum Recourse Rate(s) which may become

effective during the term of this Statement.