Texas Eastern Transmission, L P

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/16/2009, Docket: RP10-53-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 560A First Revised Sheet No. 560A

Superseding: Second Sub Original Sheet No. 560A





Pipeline, or in the event of known failure of Internet notification,

Pipeline will notify affected Customers by telefacsimile. Pipeline shall,

to the extent reasonably practicable, take all reasonable actions necessary

to avoid issuing an OFO. Such actions shall include, in order of priority,

(1) working with point operators to temporarily adjust, by mutual

agreement, receipts and/or deliveries at relevant Point(s) of Receipt or

Point(s) of Delivery, (2) working with Customers and point operators to

adjust, by mutual agreement, scheduled flows on Pipeline's system, or (3)

issuing an Action Alert designed to mitigate the conditions, which if

continued, would require the issuance of an OFO. Prior to issuing an OFO

pursuant to this Section 4.3 of the General Terms and Conditions, all

tariff remedies will be sought against those at fault for disruptions, and

the provisions of Sections 4.1 "Scheduling of Storage and Transportation

Services" and 4.2 "Capacity Curtailment and Interruption Procedures for

Storage and Transportation Services" of the General Terms and Conditions

will be applied to all services in the affected area for the purpose of

insuring that firm service rights and firm entitlements are not adversely

affected by any lower priority service.


(a) Action Alerts will be noticed in accord with the procedures set

forth in this Section 4.3(A)(2) and Pipeline will endeavor to

provide a minimum of four hours notice.


(b) Action Alerts can be issued to effect any of the following:

(i) restriction of interruptible services;

(ii) restrictions of deliveries to specific Point(s) of Receipt

or Point(s) of Delivery covered by an Operational Balancing

Agreement to the aggregate MDQ under the firm Service

Agreements whose Primary Point(s) of Delivery, which are

specified in the Service Agreement, are at the affected

locations; and/or

(iii) forced balancing such that point operators will be required

to assure that nominations equal flows or that receipts and

deliveries fall within the tolerance level designated in the

Action Alert.


(3) Pipeline shall make an Action Alert or OFO as localized as is reasonably

practicable based on Pipeline's good faith and reasonable judgment

concerning the situations requiring remediation such that an Action Alert

or OFO will be directed first to Customers and point operators causing the

problem necessitating the Action Alert or OFO or transporting Gas in the

area of Pipeline's system in which there is an operational problem, and

second to those Customers and point operators transporting Gas in the area

of Pipeline's system where action is required to correct the problem

necessitating the Action Alert or OFO. Pipeline will tailor the Action

Alert or OFO to match the severity of the known or anticipated operational

problem requiring remediation as more fully set forth in Sections 4.3(A)(4)

and 4.3(A)(5) below.