Texas Eastern Transmission, L P

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/16/2009, Docket: RP10-53-000, Status: Effective

Fourth Revised Sheet No. 560 Fourth Revised Sheet No. 560

Superseding: Third Revised Sheet No. 560





include such credits on Non-offending Customers' invoices for a period shorter

than twelve Months in the event and to the extent that the total accumulated

amount of penalty revenue collected pursuant to this Section 4.2(G) by Pipeline

as of the end of any Month exceeds $1,000,000. Pipeline will file a penalty

disbursement report within sixty days of August 31 or sixty days after the end

of the Month for which revenue collected exceeds $1,000,000. Any penalty

revenue credited to Non-Offending Customers pursuant to this section shall

include interest calculated in accordance with Section 154.501 of the

Commission's regulations.


(H) In the event that any upstream or downstream entity involved in handling

Customer's Gas, refuses or is unable to receive from or deliver Gas to Pipeline,

Pipeline shall have the right to curtail receipts or deliveries of Gas to



(I) Situation Reports and Notices:


(1) Pipeline shall provide Customer with notice of curtailment or interruption

at a time and in a manner that is reasonable under then existing

conditions, and shall in any event confirm in writing the notice given if

originally provided telephonically.


(2) Customer shall have the responsibility to inform its suppliers, other

transporters and all others involved in the transaction, as to any

curtailment or interruption.


4.3 Action Alerts and Operational Flow Orders


(A) (1) Pipeline shall have the right to issue Action Alerts or operational flow

orders ("OFO") as specified in this Section 4.3 upon determination by

Pipeline that action is required in order to alleviate conditions which

threaten to impair reliable firm service, to maintain pipeline operations

at the pressures required to provide an efficient and reliable firm

service, to have adequate Gas supplies in the system to deliver on demand

(including injection of Gas into the mainline, providing line pack, and

injecting Gas into storage at the right place and time), to maintain firm

service to all Customers and for all firm services, and to maintain the

system in balance for the foregoing purposes. The conditions under which

the OFOs may be issued by Pipeline and when such OFOs will be canceled are

set forth in Sections 4.3(B) through 4.3(M) of the General Terms and

Conditions. For OFOs issued pursuant to Sections 4.3(B) through 4.3(F) and

4.3(I) through 4.3(M), each OFO will be issued by 9:00 a.m. CT to be

effective at 9:00 a.m. CT of the following day. Such OFO will be posted on

the LINK® System and the Web site and to the extent the OFO is applicable

only to specific Customers, or in the event of known failure of Internet

notification, Pipeline will notify affected Customers by telefacsimile.

Notice of OFOs will be provided to affected parties through the affected

party's choice of Electronic Notice Delivery mechanism(s). For OFOs issued

pursuant to Section 4.3(G), the effective date and time will be specified

in each OFO. OFOs pursuant to Section 4.3(H) will be issued and become

effective as defined in Section 4.3(H). The notice period for Customer's

nominations established in Section 4.1 shall be extended to 12:00 noon CT

on any day that an OFO is issued pursuant to this Section 4.3 for all



(2) Pipeline shall provide, via posting on the LINK® System, prior notice to

all Customers of upcoming events such as anticipated weather patterns and

operational problems that may necessitate the issuance of an Action Alert

or an OFO. Pipeline shall also provide such notification via e-mail

communication to those Customers that have provided e-mail address

information for at least one contact person, and have requested via

Pipeline's Web site, e-mail notification of critical notices issued by