Texas Eastern Transmission, L P

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 01/01/2009, Docket: RP09-70-001, Status: Effective

Sub Sixth Revised Sheet No. 533 Sub Sixth Revised Sheet No. 533

Superseding: Sixth Revised Sheet No. 533





(l) expiration of Matching Period if Customer desires to establish a

Matching Period that is longer than Pipeline's default as outlined

in Section 3.14(B) herein,

(m) any additional terms and conditions of releases that are objective

and non-discriminatory (e.g. limiting re-releases, changing Point(s)

of Delivery and/or Point(s) of Receipt, or indemnification agreement

requirements.) Pipeline shall reject any Customer Notice that

contains additional terms and conditions that are not consistent

with the provisions of this FERC Gas Tariff.

(n) the overlap priorities that Pipeline shall utilize pursuant to

Section 30.1(c) in the event that overlapping nominations submitted

by an original Releasing Customer and/or any Replacement Customer(s)

that hold capacity derived from the original Releasing Customer (1)

are in excess of the original Releasing Customer's contractual

entitlements in any segment, and (2) have the same scheduling

priority as determined pursuant to Section 30.6,

(o) e-mail address for the Releasing Customer contact person. It is the

Customer's responsibility to update e-mail address information

provided to Pipeline as necessary,

(p) the recall notification period(s), as identified in Section

3.14(D)(4) below, that will be available for use by the parties, and

(q) whether the proposed release is to an asset manager as part of an

asset management arrangement as defined in Section 284.8(h)(3) of

the Commission's regulations or to a marketer participating in a

state-mandated retail access program as defined in Section

284.8(h)(4) of the Commission's regulations, and, if the proposed

release is part of an asset management arrangement, the volumetric

level of the asset manager's delivery or purchase obligation and the

time period during which that obligation is in effect.




(2) Posting


Pipeline shall post offers and bids, including prearranged deals, upon

receipt; provided, however, offers and bids must be complete before

posting. Only posted offers and bids will be available electronically.

If a Releasing Customer requests a later posting time, Pipeline shall

support such request insofar as it comports with the standard timeline set

forth in Section 3.14(B). Any Customer's Notice will be posted on the

LINK® System and by electronic data interchange until the expiration of

the Bid Period, except for those Customers' Notices for capacity releases

identified in Section 3.14(C)(1) above as not subject to competitive

bidding, which shall not be subject to bidding but shall be posted on

Pipeline's Internet Web site as soon as possible, but not later than the

first nomination, after the release transaction commences. All terms and

conditions of completed capacity release transactions will be posted on

the LINK® System and, where applicable, by electronic data interchange in

accordance with Section 2.2 of the General Terms and Conditions, including

the names of the Customers involved in the capacity release transaction;

however, Pipeline shall not post any minimum conditions that Customer has

elected not to disclose. Pipeline, when requested by the Customer, may

take other action to market any released capacity. The Customer may

search for any party to take its capacity both before and after such

capacity is posted on the LINK® System or, where applicable, by electronic

data interchange. However, such capacity release shall not be consummated

until after it is posted. Contracting is done directly with Pipeline.