Texas Eastern Transmission, L P

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 11/16/2009, Docket: RP10-53-000, Status: Effective

Second Revised Sheet No. 520 Second Revised Sheet No. 520

Superseding: First Revised Sheet No. 520





(5) For any open season conducted pursuant to this Section 3.11(A), such open

season shall be held for a minimum of (i) one (1) Business Day for service

offerings with a term of less than 90 Days; or (ii) five (5) Business Days

from the posting of the notice of request for service for the capacity or

fifteen (15) Business Days from the date the capacity in question was

first posted as being available for contracting, whichever is the later

calendar date, for service offerings with a term of 90 Days or longer. In

no event shall the open season be for a period greater than one (1)

calendar month. All open seasons shall end at 2:00 p.m. CT not less than

one (1) Business Day prior to the date service would be available. Any

such posting shall, at a minimum, describe the service available, the

date(s) that the service will be available, the duration for which the

service will be available, the capacity path, any minimum terms and

conditions, any other factors Pipeline shall consider in evaluating

requests received during the open season, and any other rules applicable

to the open season procedure.


(6) Any Customer desiring to place a bid for any capacity posted pursuant to

Section 3.11(A)(2) or Section 3.11(A)(3) must submit its bid as described

in the applicable posting. Commencing January 1, 2006, such bid must be

submitted online via the LINK® System.


(7) In the event that Pipeline receives two (2) or more requests for service

which produce an equivalent net present value, whether during an open

season or otherwise, any available capacity will be allocated between or

among such requests on a pro rata basis; provided, however, if one or more

party(s) is offered capacity on a pro rata basis pursuant to this Section

3.11(A) and any party declines, by notifying Pipeline in writing, to

contract for such capacity, such party's request shall be deemed null and

void and the available capacity will be reallocated among such requests

which produce an equivalent net present value. Commencing January 1,

2006, a party's notification to decline to enter into a contract for the

capacity shall be submitted to Pipeline online via the LINK® System.


(8) Pipeline shall post the winning request(s) and the method of evaluating

such request(s) on the LINK® System within twenty-four (24) hours after

the award of capacity.


(9) In the event that the "best bid" is based upon a bid rate that is less

than the applicable maximum tariff rate, Customer must submit a discount

request online via the LINK® System and receive approval from Pipeline

pursuant to the provisions of Section 28 of these General Terms and

Conditions in order for the bid rate to become effective.