Texas Eastern Transmission, L P

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/31/9999, Docket: RP09-1088-000, Status: Accepted

Third Revised Sheet No. 297A Third Revised Sheet No. 297A

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 297A






This Open-access Rate Schedule is available to any party (hereinafter called "Customer")

which has requested firm or interruptible transportation service pursuant to Section 3 of

Texas Eastern Transmission, LP's (hereinafter called "Pipeline") General Terms and Conditions

solely on a portion of Pipeline's system designated as a Market Lateral, has agreed to

reimburse Pipeline (through rates or otherwise) for the facilities necessary to provide the

service hereunder and, after review and acceptance of such request by Pipeline, has entered

into a service agreement with Pipeline for service under Rate Schedule MLS-1. Under this

Rate Schedule MLS-1, a single MLS-1 Service Agreement is available to multiple parties who

meet the qualifications set forth in the Multiple Shipper Option Agreement ("MSOA") and such

agreement has been executed by the Shippers, Pipeline and other relevant parties. Such

service agreement shall be in the form contained in Pipeline's FERC Gas Tariff of which this

Rate Schedule MLS-1 is a part. Customer's election of firm or interruptible service shall be

indicated in the executed service agreement.




2.1 Transportation service hereunder will be firm or interruptible, as provided herein and

in Pipeline's General Terms and Conditions and will be a lateral line only service with

no rights (secondary or otherwise) other than on the Market Lateral. Service under

this Rate Schedule does not constitute "no-notice" service as that term is used in

Order No. 636.


2.2 Pipeline shall receive for Customer's account, at those points on Pipeline's Market

Lateral described in the Rate Schedule MLS-1 service agreement available to Customer

pursuant to this Rate Schedule (hereinafter referred to as "Point(s) of Receipt"), for

transportation hereunder daily quantities of gas up to Customer's Maximum Daily

Quantity ("MDQ"), plus Applicable Shrinkage, at an hourly gas flow rate as determined

pursuant to Section 5.2 of this Rate Schedule MLS-1 and the executed Rate Schedule MLS-

1 service agreement. Pipeline shall transport and deliver for Customer's account at

those points on Pipeline's Market Lateral as specified in the executed service

agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Point(s) of Delivery"), such quantities tendered

up to such Customer's MDQ. The daily quantities of gas delivered to Customer at the

Point(s) of Delivery shall be delivered at an hourly gas flow rate not in excess of

Customer's Maximum Hourly Quantity ("MHQ") as defined below in Section 2.5 or such

hourly flow rate as determined pursuant to Section 5.2 of this Rate Schedule MLS-1 and

the executed Rate Schedule MLS-1 service agreement; however, in no event shall the

total quantity delivered for the day exceed Customer's MDQ. Such MDQ and MHQ

quantities shall be specified in the executed service agreement.


2.3 Customer and Pipeline recognize and agree that in order to provide the service

hereunder, Pipeline is required to add, and Customer is obligated to pay for, the

incremental facilities necessary to provide such service. Otherwise, Pipeline shall

not be obligated to add any facilities or expand the capacity of its pipeline system in

any manner in order to provide transportation service to Customer pursuant to this Rate



2.4 Interruptible MLS-1 service shall be made available only to the extent that capacity on

the designated Market Lateral is not required for firm MLS-1 service.


2.5 Maximum Hourly Quantity ("MHQ") shall mean the maximum quantity of gas in Dth specified

in an executed Service Agreement that Pipeline is obligated to deliver to Customer

during any hour at the Point(s) of Delivery specified in the executed Service





3.1 The applicable rates for service hereunder on various Market Laterals are set forth on

the currently effective Sheet Nos. 51B and 51C of this FERC Gas Tariff and are hereby

incorporated herein. The rates in this Rate Schedule MLS-1 are subject to adjustment

pursuant to Section 15 of Pipeline's General Terms and Conditions. Unless Pipeline

and Customer agree in writing upon a different rate for service provided hereunder,

the rate applicable to a Customer for service hereunder shall be the applicable