Pacific Interstate Transmission Company

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 10/01/1981, Docket: GT97- 67-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 109 Original Sheet No. 109 : Effective










4.1 Quality Standards of Gas Delivered by Seller: Buyer may refuse to

accept gas which does not conform to the following specifications:



4.11 Shall not contain sand, dust, gums, crude oil, impurities or

other objectionable substances which may be injurious to pipe-

lines or may interfere with the transmission of the gas; and



4.12 Shall not contain more than 1/4 grain of hydrogen sulfide per 100

cubic feet; and



4.13 Shall not contain more than 5 grains of total sulfur per 100

cubic feet; and



4.14 Shall not contain more than one percent by volume of carbon




4.15 Shall not have a water vapor content in excess of seven (7)

pounds per million standard cubic feet at the point of delivery;




4.16 Shall be as free of oxygen as it can be kept through the exercise

of all reasonable precautions and shall not in any event contain

more than two-tenths of one percent by volume of oxygen; and



4.17 Shall have a gross heating value of not less than 975 Btu per

cubic foot;/and



4.18 Shall be delivered at temperatures not higher than 120o




4.2 Quality Tests: At each Point of Delivery, Seller shall cause tests to

be made, by approved standard methods in general use in the gas indus-

try, to determine whether the gas conforms to the quality specifica-

tions set out in Subsection 4.1 hereof. Such tests shall be made at

such intervals as Seller may deem reasonable, and at other times, but

not more often than once per day, at the request of any Buyer.