U S G Pipeline Company


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Effective Date: 10/01/2002, Docket: RP00-472-001, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 47 First Revised Sheet No. 47 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 47



(iv) The time limitation for disputes of

allocations is 6 months from the date of

the initial month-end allocation with a 3-

month rebuttal period. This standard

shall not apply in the case of deliberate

omission or misrepresentation or mutual

mistake of fact. Parties' other statutory

or contractual rights shall not otherwise

be diminished by this standard.


(b) Upstream or Downstream Curtailment: If the

Delivering Pipeline curtails or interrupts

deliveries of Shipper's gas to Transporter or

if the Receiving Pipeline curtails or

interrupts receipts of Shipper's Gas from

Transporter, transportation by Transporter

shall likewise be curtailed or interrupted and

Shipper will be responsible for arranging

adjustments of transportation quantities on all

upstream/downstream pipelines.


9.5 Uniform Quantities: Shipper shall deliver and receive

gas in uniform daily quantities during any month, except

for changes in service as provided in Section 9.2 of

these General Terms and Conditions, and in uniform hourly

quantities during any day with no significant fluctuation

to the extent practicable. Transporter shall not be

obligated to deliver to Shipper in any single hour more

than 4.2% of the sum of Shipper's Transportation

Quantities under Shipper's FT Agreement(s); however, to

the extent that, in Transporter's sole judgment, it can

do so without impairment to its other service obligations

or incurrence of charges from the Delivering Pipeline,

Transporter will make available hourly deliveries to

Shippers without regard to the foregoing limitation. In

addition to any other amounts chargeable to Shipper for

unauthorized imbalances, Shipper shall reimburse

Transporter for any charges or penalties incurred by

Transporter from the Delivering Pipeline.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Shipper with

Transporter's consent (which consent will not be

unreasonably withheld) arranges for adequate balancing

services by the Delivering Pipeline or by another capable

entity, then Shipper's quantities can fluctuate relative

to scheduled quantities to the extent balancing support

is actually provided by the Delivering Pipeline or such

other entity and no disruption occurs to Transportation

on behalf of other Shippers or Transporter's system