Southern LNG Inc.

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Effective Date: 12/01/2001, Docket: CP99-582-004, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 96 Original Sheet No. 96 : Effective





Customer must provide Southern LNG with a written Request that Southern LNG accept the third

party as agent for Customer. The Request (i) shall state specifically the scope and term of

the agency, (ii) shall state that Southern LNG is authorized to accept the actions of the agent

within the scope of its authority to the same extent as it would accept the actions of

Customer, (iii) shall provide that Customer shall indemnify Southern LNG and hold it harmless

for any loss or damage occasioned by the agent's actions or Southern LNG's reliance thereon,

and (iv) shall include an affidavit verifying the information contained in the Request. If the

Request conforms with the provisions of this Section 17.2, then Southern LNG shall notify

Customer in writing of its acceptance of the Request.




Information regarding any operating facilities or operating personnel that Southern LNG shares with any

of its marketing affiliates is available on its Internet Web Site at under Informational





Southern LNG shall respond to any complaints that Customer or a potential Customer (as defined in

Section 161.2 of the Commission's Regulations) has regarding service from Southern LNG's system within

forty-eight (48) hours after Southern LNG received the complaint. If the parties do not resolve the

complaint within thirty (30) days after Southern LNG's receipt, Southern LNG shall respond in writing

to the complaining party before the thirty-day period expires.




Southern LNG shall use Southern Natural Gas Company's computer system via the public internet (SoNet

for the purpose of providing its Customers and third parties equal and timely access to Southern LNG's

Service Log, Standards of Conduct, including applicable postings, Index of Customers, information

relevant to the availability of capacity, whether the capacity is