Southern LNG Inc.

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Effective Date: 03/01/2010, Docket: RP10-271-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 32N Original Sheet No. 32N





(c) Customer's Service Agreement terminates; or


(d) Southern LNG issues an OFO pursuant to GT&C § 23.


Customer shall have completed, through nomination for delivery of vaporized LNG,

the withdrawal of its LNG Balance by the following times:


(a) if constrained capacity under Section 10.1(a) above, then the earliest

practicable time consistent with Southern LNG's delivery capacity;


(b) if capacity release or recall under Section 10.1(b) above, then the time

the release takes effect or the time specified for recall in the recall



(c) if termination under Section 10.1(c) above, then the time the Service

Agreement terminates; or


(d) if ordered under Section 10.1(d) above, then the time specified in the OFO.


10.2 Withdrawal by Southern LNG:


If any Customer fails to withdraw LNG pursuant to this Section 10, then

Customer agrees that Southern LNG may, free and clear of any adverse claim,

(i) take title to the LNG in Customer's LNG Balance and (ii) dispose of the

LNG. Customer shall indemnify Southern LNG and hold Southern LNG harmless

from all costs, damages, and liabilities that result from Southern LNG's

disposing of the LNG. Neither Customer's failure to withdraw gas nor

Southern LNG's disposal of the gas, as provided above, shall be a basis for

a claim that Southern LNG breached any duty imposed by this Rate Schedule,

the GT&C of this Tariff, or the Service Agreement. Crediting of Southern

LNG's net proceeds under this section is set forth in Section 26 of the

GT&C of this Tariff.