Southern LNG Inc.

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Effective Date: 03/01/2010, Docket: RP10-271-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 32J Original Sheet No. 32J




5.9 Increase in LNG Balance


Customer's LNG Balance will be increased for each nomination cycle set out in the

General Terms and Conditions by the quantity of LNG received by Southern LNG for

Customer's account by that nomination cycle. The quantity received by Southern LNG

for Customer's account shall not include the amount of boil-off returning to

Customer's vessel(s) during unloading of LNG.




Southern LNG delivers vaporized LNG at the pipeline interconnects on Elba Island.


6.1 Delivery of Vaporized LNG:


(a) Nomination Threshold; Minimum Inventory:


Nothing in this Tariff shall obligate Southern LNG to schedule deliveries

of vaporized LNG on any day unless aggregate nominations by all Customers

for delivery on that day exceed 75,000 Dth.


Nothing in this Tariff shall obligate Southern LNG to deliver vaporized LNG

when such delivery would cause the total inventory of LNG in Southern LNG's

storage tanks to decline to or below the tank heel.


(b) Maximum Daily Vaporization Quantity:


For service under this Rate Schedule LNG-3, Customer shall be entitled to

its MDVQ unless Southern LNG declares a force majeure event or an operating

condition as provided in GT&C § 8.3. If, however, on any day, the total of

all Customers' nominations exceeds vaporization capacity, then the

nominations for that day shall be scheduled according to GT&C § 8.4(c).