Phillips Gas Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: / / , Docket: RS92- 47-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 47 Original Sheet No. 47 : Superseded



(d) Shipper shall hold PGPL harmless for any and all

claims, suits, actions or proceedings whatsoever

threatened or initiated as a result of any

curtailment or interruption invoked by PGPL.





15.1 Receipt and Redelivery Quantities: If Shipper does not

accept the quantity nominated by Shipper at the point of

delivery on any day or days, then PGPL may refuse to

receive gas from Shipper at the Point of Receipt on such

day or days. PGPL may refuse to deliver quantities to

Shipper at the Point of Delivery if Shipper should be

unable to provide the equivalent quantities to PGPL at

the Point of Receipt.


15.2 Daily Rates of Flow: The gas to be transported hereunder

shall be received and delivered at uniform hourly and

daily rates of flow as nearly as practicable, but it is

recognized that due to operating conditions the quantities

of gas received and delivered may not be in balance on

any one particular day. PGPL and Shipper shall endeavor

to keep such variance to a minimum, and following receipt

of monthly statements, shall adjust receipts and deliveries

as promptly as is consistent with operating conditions in

order to balance any excess of deficiency.


15.3 Monthly Balancing: In the event that the monthly

quantities of gas received and delivered are not in

balance, balance shall be achieved pursuant to Section 3

of PGPL's applicable Rate Schedule. Any deficiency in

receipts or deliveries shall be made up by the first gas to

be received or delivered by PGPL.


15.4 Final Balancing: Within thirty (30) days of the

termination of the Service Agreement, PGPL and Shipper

shall adjust the quantities of gas transported by receiving