Phillips Gas Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: / / , Docket: RS92- 47-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 46 Original Sheet No. 46 : Superseded



(b) Temporary emergency use of receipt or delivery

points pursuant to this Section shall be given

priority over all interruptible or overrun

transportation requested through the affected

receipt or delivery points. Primary and alternate

receipt and delivery points for firm transportation

will not be bumped, preempted, or curtailed to

accommodate temporary emergency receipt or

delivery point changes made pursuant to this



14.3 Force Majeure Curtailment or Interruption may be

ordered by PGPL as to service being performed by its

system at any time when force majeure affects or in

PGPL's judgment threatens to affect PGPL's ability to

provide full shipments, upon the giving of such notice as

is reasonable under the circumstances.


14.4 Situation Reports and Notices


(a) PGPL will provide Shipper with five (5) days

advance notice of curtailment or interruption of

transportation service except as stated in

Section 14.3(b) below.


(b) In the case of curtailment of interruption due to

(a) unanticipated causes where five (5) days

advance notice is not possible or (b) force

majeure, PGPL shall provide Shipper with a

notice of curtailment or interruption at a time

and in a manner that is reasonable under the

existing conditions, and shall in any event

confirm in writing the notice given if originally

provided telephonically.


(c) Shipper shall have the responsibility to inform its

suppliers, other transporters and all others

involved in the transportation, as to any

curtailment or interruption.