Phillips Gas Pipeline Company

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 06/01/1993, Docket: RS92- 47-003, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 8 Original Sheet No. 8 : Effective



(a) PGPL will provide twenty-four hours access by electronic

means (an enhanced, interactive electronic bulletin board

("EBB")) to the data specified in Section 250.16 (b) (2) of

the Commission's regulations and to the information which

must be provided contemporaneously to current shippers

and potential shippers. The EBB will permit all existing

and potential PGPL customers (including, but not limited

to, marketing affiliates of PGPL) to have contemporaneous

and equal access to information concerning available PGPL

capacities and any discounted transportation rates. All

existing and potential customers of PGPL will be able to

request capacity on PGPL directly (and have it confirmed

immediately) through the EBB. All requests for and

confirmation of available capacity on PGPL and all

associated rate information (including any discounts)

regarding PGPL will be received and immediately

disseminated electronically. Operational employees will

confirm receipt and delivery point volumetric information

from the EBB with upstream and downstream shippers to

ensure that PGPL transactions occur on schedule. The

"mechanical" operation of the EBB will prevent PGPL or

Seagas employees from exercising any independent

judgment or discretion in the allocation of PGPL facility

capacities. PGPL's employee(s) and the contract

employees of Seagas will not receive any information from

a nonaffiliated shipper, affiliated shipper or potential

nonaffiliated shipper which is not posted immediately on

the EBB for all parties to review simultaneously. This

information will include receipt and delivery point

availability on PGPL. PGPL customers will be permitted

to enter into agency agreements with Seagas to permit

Seagas employees to access PGPL's EBB on behalf of the



In addition, the EBB will document all transactions on the

EBB so that parties will be able to monitor such

information to ensure that: (1) PGPL and Seagas