Midwest Gas Storage, Inc.

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/15/1994, Docket: CP90-454-004, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 508 Original Sheet No. 508 : Effective



2.4 Subsequent Information


(a) After receipt of a Request for service hereunder,

Midwest may require that Shipper furnish additional

information as a prerequisite to Midwest offering to

execute an Agreement with Shipper. Such information

may include proof of Shipper's title to the Gas

involved and/or its legal right to cause the Gas to be

delivered to Midwest for Storage, and of Shipper's

contractual and/or physical ability to cause such Gas

to be delivered to and received from Midwest. Shipper

may blank out competitively sensitive information from

documents furnished hereunder.


(b) The Agreement shall contain the state in which the

ultimate end user(s) of the Gas involved is located

and the location(s) of the plant or facility where the

Gas will be used, the source and producing area of the

Gas and the identity of all other entities involved in

the transaction including but not limited to upstream

and downstream interstate pipelines, intrastate

pipelines, local distribution companies and gathering

companies, and Midwest shall be responsible for

furnishing such information in any reports required by

Midwest by the Commission's regulations.


2.5 Request Validity. If Midwest has tendered an Agreement for

execution to Shipper and Shipper fails to execute the

Agreement within fifteen (15) Days thereafter, Shipper's

Request for Storage Service shall be considered null and

void and Midwest will retain any Shipper deposits plus

accrued interest. In determining whether it is feasible to

tender an Agreement, in light of available capacity,

relative to service under Rate Schedule FSS, after

provision for existing requirements on its system,

operating constraints and pending requests for service,

Midwest will not execute an agreement which relates to

requests for service for which it does not have sufficient

available capacity, relative to service under Rate Schedule

FSS service, or for which Shipper does not desire to or

cannot begin within thirty (30) days after the date the

request is made pursuant to Section 2.2 of these General

Terms and Conditions, or such other period as the parties

may agree to in writing.