Midwest Gas Storage, Inc.

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/15/1994, Docket: CP90-454-004, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 301 Original Sheet No. 301 : Effective



notice, to withdraw all ISS quantities held in storage by

Midwest for or on behalf of Shipper within forty-five (45) days

of such notice. The Maximum Storage Quantity and the Maximum

Daily Injection Quantity shall be specified in the executed





The General Terms and Conditions of this Tariff are applicable

to this Rate Schedule.




The amounts which shall be paid by Shipper to Midwest for each

Month during the period of service hereunder shall include the

sum of the amounts due under the subsections of this Section 4

that are applicable to Shipper for such Month, computed by use

of the applicable rates set forth on the Statement of Rates

which is effective during such Month or portions thereof as

modified pursuant hereto.


Each total rate computed for a specific transaction shall be

rounded to the nearest one tenth of a cent.


4.1 Commodity Rate: A Storage Commodity Rate shall be paid on

the average Dths of Working Storage Gas which are stored

for or on behalf of Shipper during the Month.


4.2 Withdrawal Penalty Charge: If Shipper fails to withdraw all

ISS Working Storage Gas quantities held in storage by

Midwest for or on behalf of Shipper by the end of the

forty-five (45) day period following forty-eight (48) hours

notice from Midwest that Midwest needs the storage capacity

to meet its firm obligations, then Midwest shall retain any

ISS Working Storage Gas quantities at the end of such

period free and clear of any adverse claims, provided that

such forty-five (45) Day period shall be extended

proportionately if, and to the extent that, Shipper's

failure to withdraw properly nominated quantities is caused

by Midwest's inability, due to operating or force majeure

conditions, to accommodate Shipper's requests for