Midwest Gas Storage, Inc.

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/15/1994, Docket: CP90-454-004, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 103 Original Sheet No. 103 : Effective



application fees, including Commission Prior Notice

Application and Initial Report fees.


5.2 Midwest's Use: Midwest shall retain such percentage

of Shipper's gas tendered for storage as is set forth

on the effective Statement of Rates to compensate

Midwest for compressor fuel and lost-and-unaccounted-

for gas.


5.3 Annual Charges Clause Adjustment (ACA): Midwest shall

collect such ACA charge as is set forth on the

effective Statement of Rates from Shipper for all

services rendered hereunder, as authorized by the

Commission's Orders, so that Midwest may recoup the

annual charges assessed by the Commission for the

previous fiscal year in accordance with its final

Order No. 472, issued May 29, 1987, and Order No. 472-

B, issued September 16, 1987 at Docket No. RM87-3.




6.1 Authorized Overruns A Shipper may request that

Midwest provide authorized overrun service, defined as

service in excess of Shipper's applicable maximum

contract quantity. At its option, Midwest provide

such service on an interruptible basis if it can do so

without adversely affecting its operations or its

ability to meet all its firm service obligations. The

authorized overrun service will be scheduled after

firm services and on a pro rata basis with all

interruptible nominations. Shipper shall pay the

Authorized Overrun Charge set forth on Sheet No. 4.


6.2 Unauthorized Overruns If, on any day, a Shipper

withdraws, injects, and/or stores more than the sum of

its confirmed FSS and authorized overrun volumes and

those total volumes exceed Shipper's applicable

maximum contract quantity, that Shipper shall be

subject to an Unauthorized Overrun Charge as set forth

on Sheet No. 4. Accrued daily unauthorized overruns

are imbalances and must be resolved pursuant to

Section 4 of Midwest's General Terms and Conditions.