Pine Needle LNG Company, LLC

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Effective Date: 05/21/2002, Docket: RP00-413-001, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 64 First Revised Sheet No. 64 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 64







18.4 Determination of the Current FRP


Pine Needle shall determine the Current FRP for each Annual Period by the following



(a) The Estimated GRO quantities shall be summed with the balance accumulated at the

end of the Deferral Period in the Deferred GRO Account as determined in

accordance with Section 18.5(d). Such resulting quantity shall be allocated to

or assigned among services in accordance with the allocation methods and

principles in effect on Pine Needle's system.


(b) The quantities determined in Section 18.4(a) above will be divided by the

Estimated Volume determinants, as appropriate.


18.5 Deferred GRO Account


Pine Needle shall maintain the Deferred GRO Account for each Deferral Period in

accordance with the following procedures:


(a) Pine Needle shall determine each month the Actual GRO quantities.


(b) Pine Needle shall determine each month the actual recovery of GRO quantities by

multiplying, as applicable, Pine Needle's FRP's by the appropriate volume

determinants. Pine Needle shall add to this quantity any storage inventory

retained pursuant to Section 20.15.


(c) Each month, Pine Needle shall determine the difference, positive or negative,

between the quantities computed in Section 18.5(a) and 18.5(b) and multiply such

difference by the currently applicable GRO Index as defined in Section 18.6

herein. The resulting product shall be recorded each month in a subaccount of

Account No. 182.3 of the Uniform System of Accounts which Pine Needle shall

designate as a Deferred GRO Account. Interest shall be computed on the balance

in Pine Needle's Deferred GRO Account, positive or negative, based on the method

prescribed in Section 154.305(h) of the Commission's Regulations.


(d) Pine Needle shall incorporate the Deferred GRO Account balance into each annual

FRP filing by dividing (i) the current balance in the Deferred GRO Account by

(ii) the weighted average value of the GRO Index for the Deferral Period.