Portland General Electric Company

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Effective Date: 12/03/2003, Docket: RP04- 48-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 115 Original Sheet No. 115 : Effective








22.2 Posting (Continued)


(f) Transporter has the option to establish a reserve rate for any

available capacity before such capacity is posted. Transporter is

not required to disclose the reserve rate at the time of posting,

but a record of the reserve rate must be maintained for a period of

three years for validation purposes.


22.3 Bidding.


(a) New Agreements. All bids for available capacity will be made

in writing via facsimile transmission to Transporter. Transporter

shall post to its EBB/Designated Site each bid received. Each bid

posted by Transporter must set forth the following, if applicable:


1. Bidder's name (which will not be reflected on the EBB/

Designated Site) and posted offer number;


2. Receipt Point, Delivery Point(s), mainline capacity and

associated rate(s);


3. Term of bid;


4. Minimum capacity or minimum percentage of the total posted

capacity which bidder is willing to accept;


5. Identity of any affiliate of Transporter involved in the

transaction; and


6. Contingencies.


(b) Amendments to Existing Agreements. Requests for changes only

to Receipt Point and/or Delivery Point under existing service

agreements which do not require additional mainline capacity are not

subject to the bidding procedures described in this section. Such

requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis and

should be submitted to Transporter in accordance with Section 10.3 of

Rate Schedule FT-1.