Saltville Gas Storage Company L.L.C.

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 02/07/2008, Docket: RP08-156-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 140 First Revised Sheet No. 140 : Effective

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 140







10.1 Specifications. Unless Saltville waives the specification

detailed herein, the Gas received or delivered hereunder shall

meet the quality specifications of each Transporter which receives

or delivers such Gas to Saltville, at any Point of Receipt or

Point of Delivery, and shall in all events be of such quality that

it shall meet at least the following specifications:


(a) Be commercially free of objectionable odors, dirt, dust,

iron particles, gums, gum-forming constituents, gasoline,

PCBs, and other solid and/or liquid matter, including but

not limited to water, gas treating chemicals and well

completion fluids and debris, which may become separated

from the Gas during transportation thereof.


(b) Contain not more than one fourth (1/4) of one grain of

hydrogen sulfide per one hundred (100) cubic feet, as

determined by the cadmium sulfate quantitative test, nor

more than twenty (20) grains of total sulfur per one hundred

(100) cubic feet.


(c) The Gas delivered hereunder shall not contain more than

0.05% by volume of oxygen, shall not contain more than two

percent (2%) by volume of carbon dioxide, shall not contain

more than two percent (2%) by volume of nitrogen, and shall

not contain a combined total of carbon dioxide and nitrogen

components of more than four percent (4%) by volume.


(d) Have a heating value of not less than nine hundred and

sixty-seven (967) BTUs per cubic feet and not more than one

thousand and sixty (1060) BTUs per cubic feet.


(e) Have a temperature of not more than one hundred twenty

degrees Fahrenheit (120°F), nor less than forty degrees

Fahrenheit (40°F).


(f) Have been dehydrated by the tendering party, by methods

generally acceptable to the industry (excluding the use of a

calcium chloride as desiccant), for removal of entrained

water in excess of seven (7) pounds of water per million

(1,000,000) cubic feet of Gas.


10.2 Rejection of Gas. Saltville shall be entitled to reject any Gas

tendered to it hereunder which does not meet the minimum

specifications of Section 10.1. Acceptance at any time of Gas

which does not meet these quality standards does not constitute

any waiver of Saltville's right to refuse to accept similarity

non-conforming Gas.