Saltville Gas Storage Company L.L.C.

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Effective Date: 01/01/2009, Docket: RP09-71-001, Status: Effective

Sub Third Revised Sheet No. 117 Sub Third Revised Sheet No. 117

Superseding: Third Revised Sheet No. 117





(c) Timeline for non-standard releases


If Customer specifies any special terms or conditions or a

bid evaluation methodology other than those stated in

Section 4.3, the above timelines shall apply; provided,

however, one additional Business Day will be added to the

evaluation period. Subsequent deadlines will be delayed by

such additional Business Day, causing Gas flow to occur at

least one Day later than under the standard timelines set

forth in Sections 4.3(a) and 4.3(b) above.


(d) Releases Not Subject to Bidding


(1) For releases that become effective on or after July

30, 3008, the following need not comply with the

bidding requirements of this Section 4, but shall be

subject to all other provisions of this Section 4:

(a) a release for any period of thirty-one (31) Days

or less,

(b) a release for more than one (1) year at the

Maximum Rate,

(c) a release of capacity to an asset manager (as

defined in Section 284.8(h)(3) of the Commission's

regulations), and

(d) a release to a marketer participating in a state-

regulated retail access program (as defined in

Section 284.8(h)(4) of the Commission's


For releases that become effective on or after July

30, 2008, any release, with the exception of releases

to an asset manager or to a marketer participating in

a state-mandated retail access program, with a term

that is greater than thirty-one (31) days and less

than or equal to one (1) year must be posted for

bidding pursuant to Section 4.1(a) above, regardless

of the proposed rate. Customer shall notify Saltville

of such non-biddable release by providing the

information pursuant to Section 4.1, which information

will be posted on the LINK® System as required by

Section 4.5.