Saltville Gas Storage Company L.L.C.

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Effective Date: 03/01/2009, Docket: RP08-479-002, Status: Pending

Sub Original Sheet No. 112A.01 Sub Original Sheet No. 112A.01







3.15 Prospective Sale of Available Capacity. (continued)


(b) Saltville may consider, on a not unduly discriminatory

basis, a request for firm service outside the time periods

specified in Section 3.15(a), if the request involves any of

the following circumstances:


(1) The request is for capacity pursuant to an open season

initiated by Saltville pursuant to Section 3.9; or


(2) The request involves capacity that is available due to

the termination of an existing contract or the

reduction of contracted volume under an existing

contract; or


(3) The request involves the modification or construction

of facilities or the issuance of any necessary

certificate authorization.


(c) In the event that Saltville allows a variation from the

schedule or minimum terms specified in Section 3.15(a), in

accordance with the circumstances described in Section

3.15(b)(1)-(3) or otherwise, the details of the variation

will be included in the notice of the open season. Such

variation shall only be done in a not unduly discriminatory

manner consistent with Commission regulations. In addition,

unless otherwise agreed to by Saltville, all awards of

capacity pursuant to this Section 3.15 must be for

continuous service at a constant MSQ, MDIQ and MDWQ and at

Maximum Rates for the entire term of the service.