Saltville Gas Storage Company L.L.C.

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Effective Date: 03/01/2009, Docket: RP08-479-002, Status: Pending

Sub Original Sheet No. 111A.01 Sub Original Sheet No. 111A.01







3.7 Changing Primary Receipt and Primary Delivery Points.


(a) Customer may submit a request to change the Primary

Receipt or Delivery Points under its FSS Agreement. Such

request must be submitted to Saltville via the LINK®

System. Requests for Primary Receipt and Delivery Point

amendments pursuant to this section shall be given

priority over all interruptible service requested at such

points. Customer shall lose its priority at previously

designated Primary Receipt and/or Delivery Points. Once

Saltville has awarded the capacity to Customer, Saltville

and Customer shall promptly execute a revised Exhibit A to

the affected FSS Agreement.


(b) (1) Saltville will evaluate requests to amend Primary

Receipt and/or Primary Delivery Points and will award

capacity in an open season held pursuant to Section

3.8 below.


(2) Saltville may refuse a request for amendment of

Primary Receipt and/or Primary Delivery Points to the

extent sufficient capacity is not available at the

requested point(s) or if the requested amendment:


(i) impairs Saltville's ability to provide firm

service to other Customers, has the effect of

causing Saltville's existing Customers to lose

access to gas supplies or deprives existing

Customers of their ability to utilize the

capacity for which they have paid;

(ii) adversely affects the operational integrity of

Saltville's facilities;

(iii) reduces the reservation charges applicable to

the agreement;

(iv) is subject to bidding for capacity in the

storage facilities and/or a Customer's right of

first refusal; or

(v) is subject to Saltville's reservation of

capacity pursuant to Section 3.9(c) below.


If Saltville rejects any request for a primary point

change, Saltville will notify the requesting Customer

via email of its reason(s) for such rejection.