Saltville Gas Storage Company L.L.C.

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Effective Date: 03/01/2009, Docket: RP08-479-002, Status: Pending

Sub First Revised Sheet No. 111B Sub First Revised Sheet No. 111B

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 111B







3.8 Allocation of Available Firm Storage Capacity.


(a) Firm storage capacity that is or becomes available in

Saltville's facilities from time to time shall be posted on

Saltville's Internet Web site pursuant to Section

284.13(d)(1) of the Commission's regulations and shall be

allocated pursuant to the procedures set forth in this

Section 3.8. Saltville will post information regarding

available storage capacity on its Internet Web site before

it provides such information to any potential Customer.

This Section 3.8 shall apply to requests for new service,

and to requests submitted pursuant to Section 3.7 above to

change Primary Receipt or Primary Delivery Points, and the

related allocation of capacity.


(b) Notice of open season. Upon receipt of a valid request for

firm service pursuant to Section 3.15 with a term greater

than thirty (30) Days for which Saltville determines

capacity is available to satisfy any such request, or if an

open season is required pursuant to Section 8 of Rate

Schedule FSS, Saltville shall post a notice on its Internet

Web site for solicitation of bids in an open season for

service to start immediately or in the future. For valid

requests for firm service pursuant to Section 3.15 with a

term of thirty (30) Days or less for which Saltville

determines capacity is available to satisfy any such request

and such capacity has been posted as available capacity for

at least fifteen (15) Business Days, Saltville shall have

the right, but shall not be obligated, to post notices for

solicitation of bids in an open season on such capacity.

The open season may include generally available unsubscribed

capacity; and/or capacity under expiring or terminating

service agreements, to the extent such agreements do not

have a right of first refusal or the subject customer does

not exercise the right of first refusal, and/or proposed

capacity attributable to construction pursuant to

Saltville's blanket certificate in Docket No. CP04-15-000.


(c) The open season notice will include the following



(1) the dates on which the open season begins and ends,

(2) the date on which the capacity is available,

(3) the location of the available capacity,

(4) the total quantity, unless such quantity is not known

or knowable,

(5) the minimum rates, if any, Saltville will accept for

the available capacity,

(6) how and where interested parties may submit bids and

requests for service, and

(7) additional details about the open season.


Saltville will attempt to structure any such open season

posting pursuant to this Section 3.8 so as not to identify

specifically the Customer or potential Customer submitting

the request and/or the specific location of the market(s) to

be served.