Markwest New Mexico, L. L. C.

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2008, Docket: RP08-409-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 201 Original Sheet No. 201 REFERENCE TO CUSTOMERS HAVING NEGOTIATED RATE AGREEMENT OR NON-CONFORMING TRANSPORTATION AGREEMENTS PURSUANT TO SECTION 154.112(B) OF THE COMMISSION'S REGULATIONS: Negotiated TQ Signed Rate Reservation In Receipt Delivery Effective Docket Shipper Schedule Rate MMBtu Point(s) Point(s) Date No. Southwestern Public 276,000 TWPL Maddox Service MMBtu/ NN Cunningham Company FT 1/ day EPNG Lea Power 2/ RP08-368 3/Notes:1/ The negotiated rate consists of a single demand charge of $100,484.00 per month. Shipper shall reimburseTransporter for any gross receipts taxes imposed or levied by the state or county and other taxes related to thetransportation of gas. Shipper shall not be liable for any other charges including, but not limited to, the annualcharges assessed Transporter by FERC pursuant to Order No. 472 or any other superseding or related rule or order. Anytax imposed on Transporter's facilities or accruing to Transporter as a result of the ownership and operation of sameshall be paid by Transporter.2/ The negotiated rate agreement was executed on June 28, 2007, and became effective as of July 1, 2007. Thenegotiated rate summarized in note 1 became effective as of June 1, 2008.3/ The agreement is a non-conforming service agreement and was filed at FERC on May 2, 2008. [Applicable to the following Rate Schedules: FT, IT, Capacity Release.]