Markwest New Mexico, L. L. C.

Second Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 08/01/2008, Docket: RP08-409-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 126 Original Sheet No. 12611. SEGMENTATION OF CAPACITY Any Shipper receiving firm transportation service may segment, to the extent operationally feasible, its contract path into two (2) or more discrete segments for its own use or in connection with a capacity release pursuant to Section 20 of the GT&C. If Shipper utilizes two (2) or more discrete pipeline segments, the sum of the quantities of Gas nominated at all Receipt Points or at all Delivery Points by the Shipper and, if applicable, the Releasing Shipper may exceed the TQ specified in the Transportation Agreement so long as the quantities nominated for transportation in a pipeline segment do not exceed the TQ applicable to the segment. Shipper may segment its contract path to forwardhaul and backhaul quantities of Gas to the same Receipt Point or to the same Delivery Point. In such a segmented transaction, the Shipper may exceed its TQ at that Receipt Point or Delivery Point and may nominate quantities of Gas in each segment up to Shipper's TQ assigned to such segment; provided, however, the quantities nominated to flow in the opposite direction of the flow of the contract path shall be considered to be outside the Shipper's contract path. If the Releasing Shipper and the Replacement Shipper nominate quantities of Gas in segments that overlap, the quantities shall be scheduled in accordance with the order set forth in section 6.1 above. If the quantities have equal priority and the sum of the quantities cannot be scheduled, the quantities shall be scheduled pro rata unless the Releasing Shipper specifies otherwise in its release notice.12. OPERATIONAL FLOW ORDERS 12.1 General - Transporter may issue OFOs to preserve the integrity of its Pipeline facilities, to ensure adequate operating pressures, to have adequate supplies in the Pipeline facilities, to assure adequate Transporter's Use Gas, to maintain firm services, and to optimize the operation of the system. Transporter may also issue OFOs on a not unduly discriminatory basis to respond to other unforeseen circumstances. To the extent possible, Transporter will