Wyoming Interstate Company, Ltd.

Second Revised Volume No. 2

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Effective Date: 04/01/2008, Docket: RP07-699-000, Status: Suspended

First Revised Sheet No. 83A First Revised Sheet No. 83A : Suspended

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 83A




ARTICLE 30. (Continued)


30.5 The FL&U Requirement shall be calculated separately for all

Incremental FL&U Percentages. FL&U shall be the sum of separately

stated reimbursement percentages for Fuel Gas and for L&U. The FL&U

Requirement shall include the following components:


(a) "Projected FL&U Requirement" shall mean the quantity of Gas

which is the sum of the Fuel Gas and the Lost and

Unaccounted-for Gas projected by Transporter to be required to

support the anticipated Transportation Service for all Shippers

under all Rate Schedules during the projected period.


(b) "FL&U Requirement Adjustment" shall mean the quantity of Gas

which is the difference between: (i) the actual quantities of

FL&U experienced by Transporter; and (ii) the quantities of Gas

retained by Transporter through application of the FL&U

Percentages during the data collection period. Determination of

the actual quantities of FL&U experienced during this period

shall include an adjustment to eliminate the effect of changes

in system line pack, if any. Such data collection period shall

begin the first Day of the first Month after the end of the

previous data collection period. The data collection period

shall end on the last Day of the second previous Month before a

FL&U Percentages filing is to be made (i.e., if the FL&U

Percentages filing is to be made on October 31, the data

collection period would end on August 31).


(c) "Cost and Revenue True-up Adjustment" shall mean the under-

recovered or over-recovered quantity of gas related to revenues

and costs for FL&U, shrinkage, linepack adjustments, system

balancing activities and other such credit/debit activity,

including cash outs. The value of the Cost and Revenue True-Up

Adjustment shall be determined by using Transporter's

accounting practices and shall use actual prices paid or

received when applicable and otherwise shall use the average

Cash Out Index Price for the month to value net gas quantities.

After the monthly cost and revenue activity has been

accumulated, the sum of the monthly activity shall be divided

by the average Cash Out Index Price for the twelve-month data

collection period to derive a Cost and Revenue True-up

quantity. The actual balance (positive or negative) for the

data collection period shall be recouped from, or credited to,

Shippers prospectively in the applicable L&U component.