Wyoming Interstate Company, Ltd.

Second Revised Volume No. 2

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Effective Date: 04/12/2010, Docket: RP10-491-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 57M Original Sheet No. 57M







6.9 Pooling Nominations. Except when noted below, all Nominations

related to Pools are subject to the Nomination procedures set

forth in Section 6.1.


(a) With respect to Nomination Data Elements, Section 6.1(b) is

applicable except that all Pooling Nominations will identify

the Pool as the Point of Delivery.


(b) With respect to Daily and Intraday Nomination and

Confirmation schedules, the Pooler is responsible for

submission of appropriate Pooling Nominations to support

Confirmation of the Pool.


(c) With respect to Nominated Imbalance Quantities, Poolers may

not Nominate out of balance except to resolve verified,

pre-existing imbalances.


6.10 Special Temporary Interruption Procedure. If Transporter

determines that underdeliveries of Nominated quantities of Gas to

Transporter's system or unauthorized overruns of Deliveries from

Transporter's system render Transporter unable to meet its total

transportation Delivery obligations, Transportation Services shall

be interrupted as necessary to preserve the operating integrity of

the transmission system in accordance with the provisions of this

Section within the area of the system requiring interruption. Such

interruption shall continue until Transporter is able to identify

the source(s) of such underdeliveries or overruns. Transporter

shall use reasonable diligence to determine and remedy the cause

of the underdeliveries or the unauthorized overruns.


Upon identification of the source(s) of the underdeliveries or

unauthorized overruns, Transporter shall appropriately adjust the

quantity of Gas Delivered attributable to the Party(ies)

responsible for such underdeliveries or unauthorized overruns and

shall reduce or discontinue the interruption of service to other

Parties. Transporter shall continue this process until the

source(s) and responsible Party(ies) are identified and service is

restored to all other Parties.


If Transporter determines to reduce or interrupt any Party's(ies')

Deliveries, Transporter shall provide as much notice as is

reasonably possible.