Wyoming Interstate Company, Ltd.

Second Revised Volume No. 2

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Effective Date: 04/12/2010, Docket: RP10-491-000, Status: Effective

Eighth Revised Sheet No. 57J Eighth Revised Sheet No. 57J

Superseding: Seventh Revised Sheet No. 57J






6.6 (b) Allocation for Firm Service Utilizing Secondary Capacity



(ii) If Shipper fails to Tender quantities equal to its

Secondary Firm Capacity Allocation under an Agreement

at any location for two consecutive Days, Shipper's

Secondary Firm Capacity Allocation under such

Agreement at such location shall be reduced to the

average of the quantities actually Tendered by

Shipper during such two-Day period provided, however,

that Shipper shall continue to be subject to the

provisions of Section 3.8 of Rate Schedule FT

addressing balances. Any such reduction to Shipper's

Secondary Firm Capacity Allocation shall be

accommodated through the Nomination provisions of

Shipper's Agreement and shall be reflected in the

quantities scheduled by Transporter.


(iii) Transporter establishes a Secondary Firm Capacity

Allocation schedule on a Monthly basis. Thus, any

period of service interruption as described in this

Section shall not be considered to extend beyond the

Month in which service is being provided.


6.7 Basis for Interruptible Service Capacity Allocation


(a) Each Agreement under which Transporter schedules a

quantity that is less than that Nominated by a Shipper or

interrupts service pursuant to this Section of the Tariff

shall be placed in a queue described in this Section.


(b) At any time Transporter cannot schedule all quantities

Nominated because of insufficient capacity, Transporter

shall establish a Capacity Allocation providing for the

daily volumetric limitations applicable to each affected

Agreement at each location ("Capacity Allocation" or

"Allocation of Capacity"). Thereafter and until capacity

is greater than all Nominated quantities for a Day,

Transporter shall provide interruptible Transportation

Service as set forth in this paragraph.