Wyoming Interstate Company, Ltd.

Second Revised Volume No. 2

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Effective Date: 04/12/2010, Docket: RP10-491-000, Status: Effective

Eighth Revised Sheet No. 54A Eighth Revised Sheet No. 54A

Superseding: Seventh Revised Sheet No. 54A







5.5 Pressure Commitments

(a) Pressure at the Point(s) of Receipt. Shipper shall cause the

Gas to be Tendered at the Point(s) of Receipt at a pressure

sufficient to enter Transporter's system, provided Shipper

shall not, except with the agreement of Transporter, be

permitted to Tender the Gas at any Point of Receipt at a

pressure in excess of the pressure specified for the Point(s)

of Receipt in Exhibit "A" to the Agreement.


(b) Pressure at the Point(s) of Delivery. Transporter shall

Tender Gas at the Point(s) of Delivery at pressures

sufficient to effect Delivery into the receiving pipeline

facilities against the pressures prevailing from time to

time. Transporter, however, shall not be required to Deliver

Gas at a pressure greater than the pressure specified for

each Point of Delivery in Exhibit "A" to the Agreement.


5.6 Attribution of Costs. If, by an order, opinion, approval of a

settlement of any of Transporter's rate cases, or otherwise, the

FERC directly or indirectly requires changes in the costs

attributable to Transportation Service by Transporter hereunder or

the rate form in which such costs are recovered, then, as of the

effective date of such change in attribution or rate form, the

maximum transportation rate hereunder shall be changed to reflect

all costs attributed to the Transportation Service hereunder or to

reflect any new rate form. However, in no instances will the rate

charged by Transporter exceed the maximum rate authorized by the



5.7 Changes in Transportation Rate. The Parties recognize that the

minimum and maximum transportation rates, as well as the terms and

conditions, for Transportation Service hereunder may require change

from time to time. Accordingly, Transporter's minimum and maximum

transportation rates, and the terms and conditions of such service,

may from time to time be changed by appropriate lawful processes,

including the filing of changed provisions with the FERC.

Transporter shall be entitled to collect, and Shipper shall be

required to pay any increased maximum transportation rate from

Shipper when such Shipper had previously agreed to pay the maximum

rate commencing with the effective date of such change. Nothing

herein shall prejudice the rights of Shipper to contest at any time

changes to the charges for the services rendered hereunder by