Wyoming Interstate Company, Ltd.

Second Revised Volume No. 2

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Effective Date: 04/12/2010, Docket: RP10-491-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 49E Third Revised Sheet No. 49E

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 49E







4.8 Upon execution of an Agreement with Transporter, Shipper shall

provide to Transporter (1) the name of the corporate entity or

entities ultimately receiving the Gas, if other than a local

distribution company, or interstate pipeline company, or

intrastate pipeline company purchasing Gas for its system supply,

and such names shall be included in the Agreement; (2) such other

information as may be required in order for Transporter to comply

with any FERC reporting requirements.


4.9 Transporter shall keep confidential all information furnished by

Shipper in compliance with Sections 4.6(h) and 4.8 herein, subject

to the requirement that no information required by the Commission

to be publicly available shall be kept confidential.


4.10 Right of First Refusal

(a) Shipper Notice of Intent to Renew


(i) Shipper either (i) has an agreement with an effective

date before March 27, 2000 with a term of one year or

longer, or (ii) has an agreement with an effective date

on or after March 27, 2000 for service for twelve

consecutive months or more at the applicable maximum

rate for that service, except that a contract for more

than one year, for service which is not available for

12 consecutive months, would be subject to the right of

first refusal. However, if such Shipper has entered

into a firm agreement utilizing off-system capacity

contracted for pursuant to Section 4.5 of the General

Terms and Conditions, it may not elect to extend the

term of its agreement beyond the term of Transporter's

agreement for such off-system capacity.


(ii) Notice is due on or before the "Notice Date" which is;

(i) six months prior to the expiration date for firm

transportation agreements of three years or less and

(ii) twelve months prior to the expiration date for

firm transportation agreements greater than three



(iii) A Shipper shall relinquish all rights to the capacity

underlying its firm transportation agreement upon

termination by failing to provide notice or by issuing

a notice to terminate pursuant to Section 4.10(a)(ii)