Wyoming Interstate Company, Ltd.

Second Revised Volume No. 2

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Effective Date: 04/12/2010, Docket: RP10-491-000, Status: Effective

Seventeenth Revised Sheet No. 38 Seventeenth Revised Sheet No. 38

Superseding: Sixteenth Revised Sheet No. 38





1. DEFINITIONS (Continued)


1.37 "Maximum Delivery Quantity" or "MDQ" shall mean the maximum quantity

of Gas, expressed in Dths per Day, which Transporter shall be

obligated under a Service Agreement to Deliver to Shipper or for

Shipper's account.


The MDQ listed on the Service Agreement between Transporter and

Shipper is based on a thermal content for the operational area of

Shipper's Primary Points of Receipt. The thermal content used for

MDQ determinations for the five operational areas of Transporter's

system are:

Operational Area Btu/cubic foot

-------------------- ---------------

Medicine Bow Lateral 968

Powder River Lateral 981

Wyoming Mainline and Echo Springs Lateral 1053

Piceance Basin Lateral 1050

Kanda Lateral 1050


Transporter continuously measures the thermal content of Gas on its

system. If the thermal content in any Month deviates from the Btu

per cubic foot levels stated above, or the then-current thermal

content on which MDQ's are based, and Transporter reasonably

determines that it will not be able to fully provide firm service

due to the thermal change, Transporter can adjust each firm

Shipper's MDQ. The MDQ adjustment will be posted on Transporter's

electronic bulletin board, and will become effective on the first

Day of the Month following posting. If an adjustment causes Shipper

to be in an overrun situation, Shipper will not be liable for any

overrun charges that are incurred during the first thirty days after

implementation of the adjustment. In the event of an MDQ adjustment,

Transporter shall also adjust its rates to prevent any undercharge

or overcharge to Shippers which might otherwise result from the MDQ

adjustments. The adjusted rates shall also be posted on

Transporter's electronic bulletin board. The adjusted rates will be

calculated by multiplying the fraction (Btu level stated above

applicable to Shipper, or the then-current thermal content, divided

by the new thermal content) by Transporter's rates that were

applicable to Shipper. The adjusted rates will take effect the first

Day of the Month that begins after the posting. The net effect on

total payment due as a result of Shipper's adjusted MDQ and rates

will be zero. Transporter will seek FERC approval if the adjustment

to MDQ and rates, due to changes to the thermal content of the Gas,

is more than 5 percent of the then-current thermal content. This

provision also applies to Segmentation.