Wyoming Interstate Company, Ltd.

Second Revised Volume No. 2

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Effective Date: 04/12/2010, Docket: RP10-491-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 5D Original Sheet No. 5D


Statement of Negotiated Rates

(Rates per Dth/d)



R/S FT Term of Reservation Commodity Primary Point Primary Point

Shipper Identification Agreement MDQ Charge Charge Of Receipt 3/4/ Of Delivery 4/

---------------------- --------- --- ----------- --------- --------------- --------------

Western Gas 12/01/99

Resources, Ltd. through 100,000 2/ 3/ 2/ 3/ Medicine Bow Dullknife

(#41069000) 1/ 11/30/11



1/ This contract does not deviate in any material aspect from the form of service agreement.


2/ The total rate payable by Shipper, in reservation and commodity components, shall be $0.1200 per Dth when computed on a 100% load factor

basis and is exclusive of ACA, Fuel Reimbursement, and other applicable charges. In addition to the reservation rate, Shipper shall pay the

fuel and L&U charges applicable to service on the Medicine Bow Lateral, commodity charges, ACA and all other surcharges applicable to

Transporter's Rate Schedule FT under the Tariff except as provided in the following sentence. Shipper shall not be liable for any future

surcharge included in the Tariff as a result of a request by Transporter for authority to impose such surcharge. Should Transporter's

maximum rate or rate components be set at a level such that Transporter is unable to collect the rates provided for herein, then the parties

agree to enter into a substitute lawful agreement, such that the parties are placed in the same economic positions as if Transporter had

collected such rates.


3/ Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties in writing, the rates for service, from Secondary Point(s) of Receipt other then Medicine Bow Lateral

Points to Secondary Point(s) of Delivery shall be Transporter's maximum rates for service under Rate schedule FT, or other superseding Rate

Schedules, as such rates may be changed from time to time. All entitlement, or quantities scheduled by Transporter, to be Delivered from

Point(s) of Receipt on the Powder River or Medicine Bow Lateral, shall be subject to the appropriate Incremental Reservation Rate.


4/ Shippers may amend primary receipt and delivery points under these contracts pursuant to Section 8.1(d)(iii) of the General Terms and

Conditions. All such point changes are posted on Transporter's EBB as contract amendments and will not necessitate a change to the contract

provisions shown above.