Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America

Seventh Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/18/2008, Docket: RP08-319-000, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 517 Original Sheet No. 517 : Pending






(3) The final reconciliation due within nine (9)

months after the end of the Extended Amortization Period shall

compare total Supply Realignment Costs to total collections under

this Section 38. For the purposes of this final reconciliation,

Natural shall utilize the attribution rules employed in subsection

(2) above. If costs are less than the amount collected, Natural

shall make a corresponding refund.


(4) Any refund hereunder shall reflect interest

calculated pursuant to Section 154.501(d) of the Commission's

Regulations. Refunds shall be determined separately for each

customer class subject to a different allocation of costs. Such

refunds shall be allocated among such customer classes and within

each such class in the ratio that the amount properly billed to and

collected from each entity which is subject to payments under

Section 38.6 bears to the total of such billings to and collections

from all such entities during the period covered by the

Reconciliation Report.


(5) Reconciliation Reports submitted under this

Section shall be available on a confidential basis to the

Commission and to customers paying any charge hereunder directly or



(6) Nothing herein shall preclude or prejudice

Natural in any way with respect to any filing, including filings

under Section 38.11, it may make to recover any Supply Realignment

Costs allocated to interruptible service which Natural has been

unable to recover through rates to interruptible customers, the

Commission having provided assurance that it did not intend that

such an allocation of costs to interruptible service would result

in underrecovery; provided, however, that Natural may not seek to

recover such costs from the Natural Customer Group, G Customers or

Other Consenting Customers to the extent such recovery would be

inconsistent with the NCG Settlement or the G Customer Settlement.


(c) Natural may make a filing to roll-forward any

costs allocated to Assessable Shippers under Section 38.6 but not

actually recovered from such Shippers. Such filing shall define the

limits or such roll-forward and the individual cost responsibility

of any Assessable Shipper. Any person other than a member of the

Natural Customer Group or Other Consenting Customers is free to

object to such a filing.